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What was once a relatively linear path to purchase has truly evolved with the emergence of smart phones. Today, these devices connect the online and offline world in ways that customers and merchants alike can benefit. If you already accept or even pay with credit and debit cards, then please get in touch with thawani team and will help you get started!

Faster checkout – Thanks to an easier checkout process, cart abandonment is reduced and higher conversion rate and more revenue for your business guaranteed.

Mobile optimization – Ensured superior smartphone Payment experience for your customers.

Optimization of resources – Less cash handling minimizes human error. staff can focus on customer service.

Transaction history – transactions and Refunds can be viewed and validated through one portal.

Only pay for what you use – no monthly, rental,installation, and maintenance fees Pay only for what you sell.


Thawani is a a mobile digital payment platform that offers scores of enticing services for online and offline merchants to help maximize efficiency of transactions and resources. These include:

Mobile Payments – As a merchant, you can send payment requests directly to your customers and they can accept and pay with one tap.

Wayyak – you are able to send payment request to your customers anywhere any time

Monitor live sales on the dashboard – now you can forget the hassle of loosing time while going through your sales. thawani saves your time with a click of button you can get full sales report and track your sales instantly.

Scalable – you can add more branches and terminals from the dashboard by yourself.
extract sales reports or easy reconciliation.

Bill payment (soon) – thawani is a secure way to pay bills automatically, even when you’re out of town. Simply your customers can schedule payments and the funds will be withdrawn from their accounts transferred to you on time.

Loyalty and promotions portal (coming soon)