What is Makank?

Makanak is an intelligent platform designed to provide payment channels by linking it with vehicles using IOT technology and Fintech.

This automated solution helps to reduce the Human intervention by using smart tags, smart readers, smart cameras, gate barriers or any other IOT device. Payment process will be different depending on the application being addressed, in some cases payment will be triggered as a vehicle enters a premise, while in other cases payment will be session based as the case with parking fees.

Makank helps to enhance user experience in smart payment and to help the merchant to trigger the payments automatically, reduce the human intervention and to save time, efforts and money.

The first implementation of the platform was to develop tankers management system for the stations managed by Haya Water. RFID stickers were placed on the tankers and it is linked to Haya account in Thawani. These RFID stickers will enable the company to read and track the number of gallons and identify the payment amount.

Where it can be used?


How to know about the places accepting Makank?

  1. Makanak Logo will be fully branded in all accepted places
  2. Announcing about new places accepting makank through social media
  3. Announcing about new places accepting makank through PR and website