Founder and CEO of Thawani Technologies Participates in ‘Electronic Payments – 2017’ Conference

Founder and CEO of Thawani Technologies Participates in ‘Electronic Payments – 2017’ Conference

Muscat, August 6, 2017: Majid Al Amri, Founder and CEO of Thawani Technologies, participated in the discussion session, titled ‘Realizing a Countrywide Interoperable Mobile Payment Ecosystem’, at the international conference on electronic payment – ‘Electronic Payments – 2017’. The conference was organised by The Middle East Centre for Consulting and Studies, and was held at the Crowne Plaza Resort – Salalah on August 1 – 2.
The conference saw the participation of distinguished officials, experts, and spokespersons from within and outside the Sultanate. They highlighted several key areas that are of great importance to the financial sector in general while also focusing on key topics related to electronic payments, which included the evolution of electronic payments, trends and developments in international payment systems, regional RTGS for cross border settlement, countrywide mobile payments, legal extents of electronic payment processes, legal visions between legislations and practices, contemporary visions towards payment systems and national economies, and digital currency.
Commenting on the importance of participating in such conferences, Majid Al Amri said, “The participation in the 2017 Electronic Payment Conference has provided us with the opportunity to meet with officials, experts, consultants, and legal professionals related to the financial sector, and exchange strategies and expertise, discuss the latest developments regarding electronic payment systems, address the various challenges facing e-payment, and provide possible solutions and visions. As the Thawani platform is one of the first national companies that relies on innovative technologies to provide easy and secure e-payment solutions, our participation in this important international conference was an opportunity to give the audience a more comprehensive view of the platform that we recently revealed.”

As part of the discussion session titled ‘Realising a Countrywide Interoperable Mobile Payment Ecosystem’, Al Amri touched upon the current status and his vision for e-payment systems through mobile phones and speaking about the most important challenges faced by the sector. He also shed light on the importance of innovation, explaining the role of organised competition in creating a sound business environment in favour of the consumer. He also discussed other important topics including technology and cultural change and the importance of keeping pace with all developments in the fields of technology, electronic security, and digital reliability.
Thawani Technologies Company has recently unveiled its innovative project for the new Omani e-payment platform ‘Thawani’, which relies on a mobile phone to make and accept payments from customers. The revolutionary new e-payments solution offers a safe, simple, and highly secure alternative payment method to cash, credit, and debit cards. The platform will also be compatible with Android and Apple iOS mobiles.

Thawani has been designed to be an easy payment solution that takes away the complexity of remembering multiple pins and passwords all the while keeping banking information completely private. In order to activate the app, a user needs only to download the app from the respective app store and create an account, entering all relevant payment information they would like to be linked to the app. Once that is done, users can freely enjoy the unique features of the app, each of which has been designed towards making payments simple and secure.

Security has always been one of the most important aspects during the development of the platform. As a result Thawani is fully compliant with the latest local and international standards for data integrity and secure encryption. The platform is PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant. Moreover, Thawani adopts very serious controls for fraud management, risk management, and anti-money laundering activities.

The ‘Electronic Payments- 2017’ conference is the first international e-payment conference to be held in The Sultanate of Oman. The event was organised by The Middle East Centre for Consulting and Studies and sponsored by The Central Bank of Oman and Progress Soft Corporation. The conference saw the participation of a number of renowned figures from the economic, financial and banking sectors from all over the world.

The Thawani platform was launched on May 1, 2017 under the patronage of His Highness Sayyid Taimur bin As’ad bin Tariq Al Said, marking the beginning of a new era of easy and secure e-payment solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. For more information on the platform please visit the website at Thawani.om