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Daily transactions are made easy with thawani. App users can instantly benefit from:

Spontaneous one-time or on demand payments

Recurring payments

Viewing payment history

Payments to any business

Viewing upcoming payments


Thawani is a unique One-Click payment solution that uses the latest technologies to offer the best in customer convenience and increased information security.

Wayyak (mobile smart invoice) – thawani supports mobile invoices, allowing merchants to send an invoice to your smartphone, for you to accept and pay with one simple tap anywhere anytime.

Private and secure payments – Thawani has been designed with banking industry security standards in mind. thawani uses a password to log you in and PIN to authorize transactions. All communication between the app and the server is encrypted, and the app is linked to the user’s mobile sim card and device serial number, which means no one can use your account in another device.

Retail payments – Shopping has never been easier. Pay by simply scanning the merchant’s QR code or by entering the thawani merchant ID/mobile Phone Number.

Viewing transaction history – Unlike cash transactions, you can monitor ALL your transactions with Thawani, seamlessly.

Favorite merchants – Add your favorite merchants to make payments even quicker.

View nearby merchants – thawani app allow you to see all the thawani merchants that are near to your place.

Monitoring spending

Support for dispute and refunds